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The Mission is Simple!!!

At TRIPPS our Mission Statement is simple, Exceed our clients’ expectations each and every build. Create a quality product that is durable, dependable, and versatile. We want our trailers to speak for themselves via quality and class like no other. 

WHO is TRIPPS Trailers?

Meet Our Team

TRIPPS was the product of a lot of late-night conversations, road trip banter, frustrating days at the office, and being involved in motorsports my entire life so that pulling a trailer became second nature. Building the perfect trailer may never happen but building the best trailers is the goal. 

Bill Waddell


Production Manager

After spending 33 years of adult life working in the electrical industry, I made the comment one day that no one builds a quality trailer, as the saying goes, put your money where your mouth is. We set out to build the perfect trailer for you. Why settle for the norm, why not build what works for you and your needs. 

Kari Hodges


A/R, A/P, HR

The reason TRIPPS became a company and not just an idea. Declined to be interviewed while building this site. 

Fabricio Malo

Fictitious Employee

Metal Worker (but not really)

Fabricio would be the perfect employee, unfortunately he was part of the WordPress template, we liked him, so he earned a top spot on the org chart.